What is a good timeline for a basic building and remodeling project?

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Depending on the size and scope of your project you should always allow for some additional overages of time in any basic building and remodeling endeavor. Money and time are the two hardest things to estimate accurately in construction. Most typical small bathrooms in residential homes will take between 5 and 7 work days to completely remodel as long as no major structural changes are being performed. Figure about one day for demolition and clean up and preparation for the new materials.

The second day will be spent replacing any dry rotted wood, windows, doors, electrical or plumbing issues. The third and fourth day can expect the insulation and sheet rock to be installed with taping and finish. The fifth and sixth days include tile work or tub surround and floor treatments as well as all of the painting work. Finally, all of the new fixtures go back in and voila, your remodeled bathroom is complete.

A standard kitchen remodel with no major structural changes should take approximately two weeks to completely remodel. Again following the similar timeline with of course a bigger room. There are such issues as building permits, color choices, special ordered cabinets and materials that must be dealt with as part of the basic building and remodeling project. Those items are often dealt with best before any construction work begins.

Any addition or new construction, again, depending on size and complexity can take normally between 2-4 months. Although it may seem like a lot longer when you are actually involved in the project. Clear communication and respect for the process of building are key elements in the successful completion of your job. Keep in mind that any changes that veer from the original plan usually always add to the delay of a building project. It is best to make changes on paper before the construction begins so that there are not too many surprises on the builder or the homeowners schedules. Be warned, somethings are simply unforeseeable. By maintaining a good relationship with the contractor and his employees is the grease that helps to slide these projects to completion.

Your average back yard deck with stairs and handrails should take about 5 days to build. Re-roofing your house might take 2-3 days. A fence around your property, depending on it's length and style could take 3-5 days. Painting a house usually takes 3 or 4 days but can take much longer if scaffolding and or lots of fauna or foliage around the house.

These are just a few guidelines in order to help in the planning stages of a basic building and remodeling timeline. Your contractor will be able to provide you with a greater detailed list of exactly how long it should take to complete each of the trade phases of your desired project. Just remember, talk is cheap and estimates are free but a good contract stands up in court. Make sure you allow a little time for yourself. So good luck and happy building.

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