How To Keep Your Bathroom Renovation Costs To A Minimum?

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A bathroom is fondly regarded as the home's safe haven, doubling up as a quiet sanctuary when you want to escape the troubles of the real world. But like any other room in your home, time will wear out your bathroom's fixtures. If you're not careful, you'll find yourself swayed by suave salesmen and will end up spending huge sums of money on accessories you didn't know existed. Luckily, this guide is designed to help you put your best foot forward when you need to keep your bathroom renovation costs to a minimum. Follow these ideas and laugh your way to the bank.

Small Upgrades Will Make A Big Impact

Contrary to what you think, you don't always have to invest in all the bells and whistles of a bathroom renovation. In fact, small upgrades can make a huge impact and you won't end up spending a fortune. For example, changing taps, painting walls, installing high-sheen towel racks, adding open shelves, updating lighting and adding new mirrors can make a huge difference to the look of a timeworn bathroom. The best part is that these upgrades won't turn you penniless. Consider the existing features of your bathroom and look for ways to upgrade without having to turn your entire bathroom into a renovation nightmare.

Avoid Moving Plumbing

Keep in mind that new plumbing will cost you a hefty sum of money, so you'll want to retain your old plumbing if there's nothing wrong with it. Make sure you reuse existing waste points and water supply outlets for your bathroom, shower and floor waste needs. You may need to make a few upgrades to the plumbing pipes, but it's always a good idea to retain the existing plumbing outlets for keeping your costs to a minimum.

Be Willing To Invest Sweat Equity

When you want to keep your bathroom renovation costs to a minimum, you naturally need to invest some of your time and expertise to avoid paying for professional labour. While you may not have the training for skilled plumbing or tiling work, you can always work on jobs like grouting, wall painting and fixture replacements. Keeping your labour costs low will help you manage your tight budget smartly during a bathroom remodel. Of course, if you have no talent at all, you may end up spending more money to undo the damage you did. Be honest about your skill in the bathroom and only get your hands dirty if you know what you're doing.

Shop Around For Bathroom Fixtures and Materials

Remember that you don't always have to purchase fixtures and materials from the first shop you walk into. Ideally, you should spend time looking through a couple of shops before making a decision on what you need for your bathroom. Visiting different stores will give you more ideas and will expand your bathroom vocabulary to help you make smaller bathroom remodel decisions. Always do your homework and enough research before you finally decide to make the investment. You can even shop for certain bathroom materials and fixtures online to take advantage of lower prices for keeping your costs to a minimum.

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