What are unique ways to use granite in the bathroom?

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Unique ways to use granite in the bathroom.

Not many products can take a room from boring to stunning like granite. While the durability makes it an excellent countertop, the unique colors and patterns are what give a room an elegant feel. No two pieces of granite are alike, so it adds instant character to what may otherwise be a boring, sterile-looking bathroom or kitchen.

Custom shower and flooring.

Now that granite has become more affordable in recent years; homeowners can get creative with how to use granite in the bathroom. Beyond using granite for a custom countertop and sink, imagine the beautiful aesthetic of a granite shower stall. With each piece of granite having its unique pattern, a granite shower will carry the color theme from the countertop without being overly matched. Be sure to ask your contractor to include inset shelves into the shower walls for your bathing supplies. Beyond the grand look, a granite shower will be a prestigious asset adding value to your home and a wow-factor for potential buyers.

Granite flooring has also been a widely-used option in bathrooms. Options include either granite tiles or a thick granite slab. Either way, your contractor will ensure that the thickness is uniform. If you have a large bathroom floor, a granite medallion pattern in the center of the floor makes a stunning effect. Stone cutters cut and fit a design into a large tile to install the medallion as one piece. Consider the best shape of your medallion as you have many options. Perhaps a round medallion would be best in a smaller room where a rectangle shaped design would be best for a long, large bathroom. A granite floor will be durable and remain beautiful for years.

Don’t forget the accents.

Because granite is custom cut for countertops, stone cutters have an overflow of granite remnants. If you are fortunate to have a creative granite supplier, you could have some very elegant accents for your bathroom.

Accent wall – Covering all the bathroom walls with granite may be overkill, but choosing one wall to receive this decorative treatment makes an impressive focal point. Placing granite on the wall behind the bathroom mirror makes a beautiful reflective effect.

Mosaic Mirror – Much like a granite medallion in the floor, small pieces of granite can outline a mirror for an artistic look. Finish the edges with a solid color tile for a finished appearance.

Shelves – A few pieces of narrow granite with unfinished edges hung on the wall make for great shelving. Consider mounting a set of two or three granite shelves on top of each other with a decorative bracket. Because of the weight of granite, mount shelves to studs in the wall.

Trim – Corresponding granite used as a baseboard to the bathroom floor adds a luxurious touch. Also, granite trim is more durable than wood trim and can withstand water damage from mopping.

Pick a few of these options to add elegance to your bathroom. The natural artistry of granite adds a richness and elegance to a room that you spend a lot of time. The durability ensures that your investment will provide strong and appealing surfaces for years to come.

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