What is involved in repairing scratches on hardwood floors?

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With hardwood flooring, it is not uncommon to find that there are scratches present. Many things can cause scratching on the finish of the floor, from regular foot traffic to moving boxes or furniture. The good news is that you can get rid of these scratches without having to redo the whole finish of the damaged area. By repairing scratches on hardwood floors you have, you are able to restore the shine to the floor that could now look dull as a result of multiple scratches.

First, you need to sweep the area completely and then mop it or wipe with a damp cloth. This will remove any dirt from inside the scratches of the flooring. Allow the area to dry before you make any attempts to get rid of the scratches. Once the area has dried completely, you will need to lightly sand the scratches and the surrounding area about one to two inches around. Use a fine grit sandpaper to avoid sanding off too much of the sealing finish. There's usually several layers of sealing finish that have been applied to the hardwood planks. The fine grit sandpaper will keep you from causing a pit in the area you are sanding if you were to use a coarse sandpaper. After you have sanded the scratches until the feel smooth to the touch, you will need to wipe the sanding dust away with a damp cloth. You can then apply one or two light coats of polyurethane clear coat with a clean paint brush to complete the process. Repairing scratches on hardwood floors is not a lengthy and overly difficult process.

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